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I’ll get this out of the way up front: still no sign of Sherlock. From the time I last saw him it’s now been – lemme check the time – two days, eight hours. I am on the plane home. I’ll catch you up, don’t worry, Mythical Nonexistent Blog Reader Who Is Rapidly Becoming My Secret Imaginary Friend and Confessor.


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on 2012-12-14 07:26 pm (UTC)
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How come I seem to always miss your updates?!? This is inexcusable. :(
I am subscribed to this blog. I must have cocked up and somehow managed not to add it to my default reading filter or something. Typical.

BUT every cloud has its silver lining - I need to clean all the things and the idea of listening to this whilst pottering around the house has suddenly put an end to the extreme procrastinating!

It's like the universe is trying to be super nice to me - only yesterday I was lamenting the fact that a certain fic I was dying to read had not been podficced yet and it would have been the right motivation to get started on the damn cleaning.

[personal profile] lunchee's podfic makes household chorse attractive and helps slobs. Should be used as a tagline for an advert. Not that your podfic needs any adverts, the awesomeness speaks for itself.

Right, what did I say about stopping procrastinating? *sigh*


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